Anyone with non-public information about a health care provider or pharmaceutical company defrauding the government can be a whistleblower.


    Whistleblowers are most frequently employees in the health care industry, and can include doctors, nurses, nursing home/senior care center staff, hospice workers, billing clerks, pharmacists, pharmaceutical company employees, and many other types of healthcare professionals. You do not need to be an employee to be a whistleblower.


    Through the False Claims Act, the government needs your help to save taxpayers money. It offers whistleblower incentives and protections for anyone who comes forth with information about Medicare, Medicaid, or Pharmaceutical fraud under The False Claims Act. Qui Tam is a provision of the Act that allows citizens to bring fraud cases in the name of the government.


    A whistleblower attorney can help you determine whether you have a case and can assist you through the process. If you have information about Medicare fraud, call 1-888-335-5107 or contact us.



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